Although most of hotels, restaurants, stores accept credit cards, you still need to carry Yen. You need to pay in cash at small stores, taxis (sometimes drivers reject accepting credit cards), or other occasions. Although Japan is generally said to be safe, naturally there is illicit use of credit cards using stolen card information. So, it’s safe to pay in cash at the stores or restaurants where an employee doesn’t process credit card in front of you. There are a lot of vending machines in Tokyo. Some of them accept only cash (though stored card (=prepaid e-money card) accepting machines are increasing). It’s better to get Yen before you leave the Airport.

There are two ways to get Yen, one is to exchange your currency at the Currency Exchange, the other is to use ATM. Which way you choose depends on your preference. But pay attention, in Japan you have difficulty to find out the Currency Exchange once you leave the Airport.

Currency Exchanges are difficult to find in the city

Currency Exchange Shops are fewer in Japan comparing with other countries. So it’s not an easy task to find them in the city.

It is said “World Currency Shop” offers the best rates. You can exchange Yen with your currency and exchange back to your currency. Click to find World Currency Shop. As you see the numbers of World Currency Shops are small.

Where are ATMs?

If you don’t have Yen when you arrive at Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal, you had better get them.

After coming out of the Exit to Arrival Lobby, MIZUHO Bank Currency Exchange is on your left side on.

MIZUHO Bank Currency Exchange

MIZUHO Bank Currency Exchange

There is Japan Post Bank ATM on your right side and Sumitomo Mitsui Bank ATM, Seven Bank ATM is on your left side. Until recently there were a few ATMs that accept the International Credit Cards or Debit Cards (like VISA, MasterCard) in Japan. Even today, you may feel some difficulty to find “International” ATM in town, if you don’t know 7-Eleven Convenience Stores have “International” ATM (= Seven Bank ATM). Today at Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal, ATMs are “international”.

Seven Bank ATMs

Seven Bank ATMs

Though there are Currency Exchanges and ATMs on 3rd floor (Departure floor), it’s not necessary to climb up to from 2nd floor (Arrival floor) to 3rd floor.

Withdrawal upper limit of ATM

Withdrawal upper limit of most ATM is 50,000 yen (roughly 500 dollars) per transaction. But Seven Bank ATM’s upper limit is 100,000 yen per transaction.

When you withdraw 50,000 yen, you would get five 10,000-yen bills. Don’t worry about getting big amount bills. Japanese often use 10,000-yen bill at shopping. So at almost all shops, you can use 10,000-yen bill even if you buy low price goods, like 60 yen goods. Sales person will give you change without making face. Exception is bus. When you get on bus, you have to prepare 1,000-yen bill, coins, or a certain stored card or e-money (like Suica card). Often taxi drivers don’t welcome 10,000-yen bill if fares are small amounts.

How to use Seven Bank ATM

You can easily find out Seven Bank ATM at 7-Eleven convenience stores in Tokyo. Even if you can’t see 7-Eleven convenience store around you, just type in 7-Eleven on Google maps or Apple maps, it will show 7-Eleven near you.

Here I explain how to use Seven Bank ATM. First, just insert your card. If the inserted card is international, then ATM prompts you to select language you prefer. After selection of language, follow the instruction on the screen. Here is the Instruction of usage of Seven Bank ATM.

Seven Bank ATM at the airport has the card insert instruction board above the ATM screen

Seven Bank ATM with Instruction

Seven Bank ATM with Instruction

Japan Post Bank ATM also accept International Credit Cards

Japan Post Bank ATM also accept International Credit Cards and Debit Cards. Withdrawal upper limit per transaction is 50,000 yen. Japan Post Bank ATMs are in post offices and FamilyMart convenience stores. There are a lot of post offices and FamilyMart convenience stores in town.

Japan Post Bank ATM at Haneda Airport

Japan Post Bank ATM at Haneda Airport

If you want assistance to find post office or FamilyMart near your location, you can use the app called “Japan Post Bank ATM Finder”. You can download it from APP Store or Play Store.